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Customized Plans for Women.

Change Your Lifestyle Permanently.

Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes
with Your Personal Wellness Coach.
Get Results &
Become the Woman You want to be!
You want to feel better, more energized and empowered. You crave to become more confident and maybe lose weight.
You dream about finding your passion for exercising, having goals and reaching your full potential as the woman you are.
  • You are stuggling with a busy schedule, maybe with kids and family, leaving no time for self care.

  • Your energy level is always low, and find it impossible to do nothing but what is necessary.

  • Your sofa and sugary treats motivate you more than working out.

  • Deep down you WANT to make these changes and feel better, more confident, balanced and energized, but you just don't seem to have the time, motivation or the focus to start by yourself.

  • You have tried different diets and general online coahings, but after a few weeks it has gotten too overwhelming and you return to the same old.

  • You struggle to make any permanent and long term changes.

I can help! You need a Wellness Coach!

I'm Kaisa Torres,

Your Personal Wellness Coach!

Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Life Coach

Personal Trainer

Practical Nurse Student

I help women to feel better and gain back their self confidence through healthier lifestyle changes.

What exactly do you get from a Wellness Coach?

  • A custom made plan made just for you, and one-on-one appointments. A personalized combination of re-designing your eating plans and habits, including working out into your busy lifestyle, new perspectives with recovering and stress management. 

  • A partner who you are accountable to. I will help, guide and motivate you to find your full potential. I will help you recognize what has been keeping you from making changes. You will gain clarity and energy to grow into the person you want to be, reach your goals and get the results you crave.

  • Completely personal support between the appointments.

  • A five star customer experience throughout your journey with me.

    For any questions call me at 040 476 8240!

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Intensive 12 week plan to kick start your healthier lifestyle changes.

Includes twelve face-to-face -trainings and twelve online coahing sessions.

Full, personal support through Whatsapp -between sessions.

Requires a full commitment for 12 weeks.

Rate: 1990 euros.

Customized for you Personally

  • Everything on my coaching is custom designed just for you based on your needs, wants and goals. I never use general instructions.

  • You can choose a plan, or have me design a coahing plan just for your.

  • Together we will discover your true goals and they will be re-evaluated and adjusted based on your circumstances, as we go along.

  • I always respect your situation and we proceed based on your values.

Personal Coaching &

Full Support

  • My coaching is always personal one-on-one coaching, including live face-to face trainings, videocalls and support by text messaging.

  • It's all 100 % confidential and I highly value your privacy.

  • You will always receive the best possible customer experience as my client and I promise the time you spend with me is always all about you.

  • After the program you can continue as my client. Ask me more!

Holistic Approach

  • I will help you in all the areas of your wellbeing, based on your needs and goals

  • I can help you make better choices with nutrition when you have minimum time to cook, I will help you discover the type of exercise that works for you.  I can make you a workout plan or we can train together at the gym. 


"The expertise and guidance Kaisa has provided through our training sessions have been amazing and life changing. Kaisa truly did the impossible... she got my middle-aged body in shape! "


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Hello, everyone!

My name is Kaisa and I'm a certified Wellness Coach.

I help women to feel better and more empowered, to reach their goals towards a healthier and more balanced life.  My Wellness Coaching is a holistic combination of personal training and life coaching considering all of the many aspects of our wellbeing. 

I have helped and motivated my clients with their healthier lifestyle choices since 2005. I started as a Personal Trainer in Silicon Valley, working at a gym, and with my personal clients. I also got into group fitness instructing, and through my personal life experiences I gained interest in a more holistic approach for my coaching and in 2016 got certified as a Wellness Coach. I am also a certified Life Coach and  ACE Personal Trainer student, and a Practical Nurse student.

My goal as a coach is to offer each client a five start customer experience.

Each minute I spend with my client is all about her.

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